24 September 2009

Marching along

Tonight is the Adventurers Club Expedition Dinner, created by the WDW Radio Show and MEI & Mouse Fan Travel. Throughout the evening I will be documenting as much of the festivities and interior of the Adventurers Club as I can, including some mobile updates. However, this morning, in the gleaming light of day, let’s take a look at the exterior of the establishment, the various artifacts that have spilled out from their respective collections, and Hathaway Browne’s parking abilities.


Princess Fee said...

Hope you have a brilliant time - I am more than jealous I cannot be there!!! I expect an article dedicated to this upon your return.

Chuck Munson said...

Kungaloosh! Have a fantastic time. I cannot believe that it won't be there the next time we go down to the world (Dec. 2010).

I know that a few of the people whose blogs/podcasts I follow will be down there, yourself included obviously. I expect to hear all about the evening on various forums and at least get some vicarious enjoyment!