08 September 2009

This... is American Idol

American Idol, at least in my household, is not must see TV. It isn’t that I don’t see the draw, and millions of fans around the country are enthralled by the show, but reality competitions are just not my wife and I’s cup of tea. That said, The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was an excellent way to increase guest participation, a la Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, in a new field.I have heard many reports that the audition shows done throughout the day are not filled to capacity, but that the finale show for the day is burgeoning with guest trying to see the participant who will win the golden ticket. Common park touring theories state that you should arrive somewhere in the neighborhood of forty-five minutes ahead of the show in order to gain a seat in the auditorium. My theory is to show up about ten minutes before show time, grab a railing in the courtyard between the American Idol Experience and Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner, and really enjoy the show.

The benefit of watching the show in the courtyard, which is always filled with other guests who did not make it into the auditorium or who are stopping while passing by, is that you can be yourself. Inside the auditorium, guests must maintain a certain decorum, while in the courtyard you can cheer constantly, talk over who is really flaunting their golden pipes, and food and drink is allowed. The atmosphere in the courtyard is more akin to a local talent show than a television audience, but that only tends to make it a more realistic experience.

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the great tip! I just recently saw the American Idol Experience for the first time. We didn't go to the final show, but one of the earlier ones. Also being someone who doesn't really watch the show, I was actually really amused by the entire show. We had a lot of fun!