19 December 2014

Yuletide Decorations

If you haven’t gotten your tree trimmed yet for Christmas, this is the weekend to get your greenery in gear! To help motivate your decorative spirit, here’s a look at Minnie and Mickey in their finest Grand Floridian Christmas attire. They’re decking the tree with only the best ornaments from 1992!

HOLIDAY DECORATIONS ALL IN PLACE – Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse make sure everything is set for a spectacular Christmas celebration at Disney’s Grand Floridian Beach Resort. Holiday merriment is provided in the hotel’s lobby each evening by the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra. Hotels throughout Walt Disney World Resort feature special Yuletide decorations, entertainment and theming for a memorable visit during the holiday season.

10 December 2014

Festive Air

Once upon a time Walt Disney World’s Candlelight Processional did not take place at Epcot. Even though EPCOT Center opened in 1982, it wouldn't become host to the choir, orchestra, and narrated pageantry until 1984. For the first thirteen years of the resort's existence, from 1971 through 1983, the winter spectacle took place in the Magic Kingdom.

There were still guest narrators who were popular figures of the day. However, while today’s choir is made up of Cast Members and high school choral groups from more than 30 different states, those early choirs were comprised of boys’ choirs from central Florida.

While the Candlelight Processional has become an indelible part of the holiday season at Epcot, you can’t help but marvel at the vision that Walt Disney World had during its first decade. A singing tree against the backdrop of Cinderella Castle, talk about bringing the holidays to life!

11 November 2014

1500 Feet in a JIM Suit

LEARNING WHAT IT’S LIKE -- Visitors to The Living Seas at Epcot Center learn what it would be like to work at an ocean depth of 1500 feet in a JIM Suit. Guest attempt experiments with counterbalanced (for weightlessness effect) manipulator hands: turn arrow, push lever, turn wheel and shift gear. The JIM Suit allows a diver to ascend from 1500 feet without decompressing. The Living Seas is presented at Walt Disney World Epcot Center by United Technologies Corporation. (WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS 1986)