01 September 2009

Daily research

The tank of The Seas pavilion is one of the largest in the world, in fact, Spaceship Earth could easily fit within the aquarium. More than just an aquatic wonderland, The Seas is also a fully functional marine research center and, in keeping with the ideals of edutainment, guests are given ample opportunities to engage members of the research staff during various programs throughout the day, including those in the main Observation Deck.Aside from the wellspring of information provided by the research teams, observant guests can glean a variety of information from the signage throughout the Seabase. One of my favorite pieces is this sign. While at first it appears to be only a map of the Observation Level, upon further investigation it details the aquarium’s coral reef conditions. This information is critical to the lives of the creatures in the Seabase’s care, for guests it may only help those who are seeking to build their own oceanic tank or future marine biologists.

Here are the statistics provided:
TEMPERATURE – 25 C. (77 F.)
DISSOLVED OXYGEN – 6.72 parts per million
pH – 8.096
TURBIDITY (cloudiness) – 0.11 N.T.U. (Nephelometric Turbidity Units)
SALINITY – 30.8 parts per thousand
DENSITY – 1.0238

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