06 September 2009

New peak of storytelling

It should come as no surprise that Expedition Everest, through its queue, surrounding area, and attraction itself, has completely captured my imagination. Even more so, the story of its creation and the research that went into the area’s design enthrall me. Stories such as these are the reasons I love Disney and hope that one day I will be able to help create my own magic.

Personal thoughts aside, however, I thought that many of us out there would like to journey back to the early days of Expedition Everest and see some of the first photographs released from Disney in 2006. These photographs range from the attraction itself, to Serka Zong, and even beyond to the true life adventure Joe Rohde and his team ventured on in search of their Everest and yeti.

Personally, the photograph of Everest at night, using a white light rather than the current color scheme, is one of the best night shots I have seen of this mountain.

All images ©Disney

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Gator Chris said...

Thanks for the mini expedition.

I agree - the night shot of the mountain in white light is stunning - especially with the reflection.