13 September 2009

Fourteen Months and Counting

I was just a tot when EPCOT Center opened, but Future World happens to be one of the locations I have the most memories of from when I was a child. There was so much to see and do, and even though I lived just under an hour away, I never seemed to be able to do it all. As an adult, I would return time and again to the thoughts of Future World and its extraordinarily designed pavilions. Perhaps that is why today’s Back Issue is such a favorite of mine.

Coming from the July 31, 1981 issue of Eyes and Ears, the article Fourteen Months and Counting featured construction photographs of Spaceship Earth, the United Kingdom pavilion, World of Motion, and The Land pavilion. It also presented an aerial view of the entire Future World section of EPCOT Center.

Below is the entire article as it originally appeared:

Yes; it’s really that close! Epcot Center will open it’s gates to the world on October 1, 1982 – just fourteen short months away.

And with 14 months to go, there’s certainly a lot of activity taking place at the Epcot Center site. Recent photos of the pavilions show that many shells are nearly complete and many more are rising out of the ground.

But with Epcot Center that close, it’s important to remember we still need to keep the highest quality of guest service in the remainder of our Vacation Kingdom, treating each guest to the best vacation possible. And with our Tencennial Celebration beginning in just two months, we’ll certainly have a lot to offer our guests.

Take a look at what’s going on at Epcot Center:

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Middlingmom said...

Great article Ryan, love the old photos! My grandpa is now a retired cast member and he was there when Epcot was being built. He is so proud to have had a hand in fabricating World of Motion and Horizons, amongst other attractions.