08 September 2009

Addendum: The talk of the Pride Lands

In addition to the cards and pamphlet that families could collect for being a part of Disney and Underwriters Laboratories Inc.’s Wild About Safety, there was also a Fun Book filled with activities for children. Included in the ten page booklet were mazes, coloring sheets based off of the original safety tips, fill in the blanks, and spot the difference activities.While these Fun Books may no longer be available in the theme parks, they are still available online. At the Wild About Safety website, not only are their activities and games for children which include a downloadable version of the Wild About Safety Fun Book, but there is also an entire section devoted to parent resources. While the travel tips and safety checklists are important parts of trip planning, one of the more over looked and useful items for parents is the set of symbols designating locations and safety features found throughout the Disney theme parks.

The thoroughness of these elements, both on the website and in the parks, showcases just how important safety for the entire family is to the Wild About Safety Program.

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