20 September 2009

Music Keeps Main Street U.S.A. Humming!

Music can inspire, it can stir the soul, and can calm the beast, and it can set a scene like no other art form on earth. The importance of music has never been lost to Disney, one only has to look as far as the Sherman Brothers, Buddy Baker, or X. Atencio to realize how serious the art and play of music has always been. No less significant has been the music that fills the avenues, alleys, and trails of the parks and resorts.

Today’s Back Issue comes from the special Main Street Gazette produced for Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary and deals specifically with the music of Main Street U.S.A. Music Keeps Main Street U.S.A. Humming! can be read in its entirety below:
If you’ve said to yourself “I’ve heard that song before,” as you walk down Main Street, U.S.A., you’re probably right. Can you name the wonderful songs that fill the air?

Broadway and Hollywood hits include “Elegance:, “Before the Parade Passes By” and “Sunday Clothes” from Hello, Dolly!; “Fortousity” and “Let’s Have A Drink On It” from Walt Disney’s The Happiest Millionaire; “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”, “Many A New Day” and “Kansas City” from Oklahoma!; “Flitterin”, “Summer Magic” and “Beautiful Beaulah” from Walt Disney’s Summer Magic; and “Gary, Indiana”, “wells Fargo Wagon”, “Lyda Rose” and Iowa Stubborn” from The Music Man.

Other favorites include “Goodbye My Coney Island Baby”, “Dearie”, “In My Merry Oldsmobile”, “Mary’s A Grand Old Name” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.

Enjoy a magical musical medley has you make your way down Main Street, U.S.A.


Anonymous said...

I have a subscription with MouseWorldRadio at live365.com. That station plays the Main Street U.S.A, loop from start to finish, along with many other songs, attraction and parade sountracks and other such wonderful listening pleasures.
I think there's a website out there which lists the music loops for all parks and resorts, but I don't have that URL.
Thanks for another excellent article!

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