01 September 2009

Takin' pictures by the light of the sun

As a child growing up in and around Walt Disney World my sister and I used to love catching a motor launch from Fort Wilderness over to the Contemporary and head for the resorts arcade, the Fiesta Fun Center. As we made our way from the dock to the Contemporary’s entrance we would on each trip, without fail, find a way to race over to the Mickey sculpture and hang from the ears. Along would come our parents, chide us for climbing all over the structure and, inevitably, take our picture with one of us in each of the ears. While I know there are dozens of these photographs in my family’s collection, I have yet to come across them in my digging.However, it is wonderful to see that this structure is still available for children of all ages to climb on and take photographs with. For those interested, specifically those who often times travel solo, there is also a little stand in front of the sculpture for setting your camera on. This accessory makes this out of the way spot one of the easiest to capture a photograph of your entire family, or your solo adventure, in any of the Walt Disney World resorts.

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