03 September 2009

Addendum: Keep your elbows off the table

Last week, the Gazette featured an article that included the recipes for Mom’s Meatloaf and her Meatloaf Glaze from 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Recipes are nothing new to the Gazette, but for those cooking along at home, I’ve been asked if I ever prepare any of the items discussed. While I am not a kitchen wizard, I do, from time to time, whip up something and it does occasionally come from a Disney recipe. So, last weekend I took the meatloaf recipe and went to work.

First off, it should be noted that Mom’s Meatloaf is the original name of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe entrée. Currently, however, it is known as Dad’s Traditional Meatloaf. Secondly, Prime Time’s meatloaf usually comes with mashed potatoes and green beans. I diverted from this slightly but stuck with the potatoes, roasted instead of mashed, and something green, asparagus in the place of green beans.The recipe is fairly straightforward, and I did not try to improvise or add upon the suggested ingredients… this time. Here are the before, and after pictures of the ingredients and the meatloaf mixture. Combining all of these ingredients took a little while longer than I expected, but that only allowed the oven more time to preheat.After the meatloaf had been popped into the oven I started work on the glaze which was also very simple to throw together. After it was completed I placed it in the fridge and waited.
After about an hour I removed the meatloaf from the oven, glazed it up, and back into the oven it went for around ten minutes.After removing it from the oven, and allowing it to set, I started carving the meatloaf up. While I had invited over some family for the meal, it ended up being only my wife and me. According to my wife this meal earned me a gold star, which is the highest compliment one can receive in my house.
Reflecting over the experience I found that the time for cooking the meatloaf, one hour, didn’t quite make it in my oven. This is not entirely unexpected as all ovens cook differently. Secondly, when I repeat this meal I will probably make a double batch of glaze so that some can be added to meatloaf after it has been cut and served as it really brings out all of the flavors, but is banished to only the top of the meatloaf. Also, I am going to try and find a way to dice the peppers into a more fine consistency.

I would, and will, repeat this meal anytime. It is simple to throw together and tastes great. It may be known as Mom’s Meatloaf or Dad’s Traditional Meatloaf, but around here it is destined to become Ryan’s Famous Meatloaf!

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