03 September 2009

The Walt Disney Family Museum - Part VIII

The Walt Disney Family Museum is putting the finishing touches on their galleries and showcases as we rapidly approach the Grand Opening on October 1st. In the coming weeks, I imagine we will hear more about the unique treasures available to guests of the museum, specifically around the 26th and 27th of September when previews are held for members of D23 and the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society. Between these first person accounts and the previews we have been generously provided with, I am sure there is no doubt that San Francisco is rapidly becoming a hub alongside Los Angeles, Disneyland, Kansas City, and Marceline on the Disney trail.

I, along with the Gazette’s readers, cannot express our gratitude enough to The Walt Disney Family Museum and Andrea Wang for opening their vaults and giving us a peek inside, including this week's rendering of Gallery 8. I know I can only speak for myself, but I for one cannot wait to get a chance to see these items, and the rest of the museum’s collection, in person.
Gallery 8 - Walt and the Natural WorldWalt—who had a love of nature since his youth in Marceline—also ventured into live-action documentaries during the ‘40s and early ‘50s. The first of these was a nature documentary, Seal Island, a 27-minute account of the seasonal habits of seals that won the 1949 Academy Award™ for best two-reel documentary. Later documentaries in the series, “TrueLife Adventures” continued to focus on nature, while “People and Places” highlighted peoples and destinations around the world.Exhibits in the gallery include some of the specialized equipment used in the production of the “True-Life Adventures” series.

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