15 September 2009

Hit a homer at Casey's

One should never venture out into the worlds of the Magic Kingdom hungry and they should also never leave the Magic Kingdom hungry either. At the corner of Main Street U.S.A. and the paths to many other adventures is a small restaurant known as Casey’s Corner that is the perfect encapsulation of all things Walt Disney World. From food to music and views to details Casey’s Corner, though small in size, finds enough room for everything.For starters, the menu is limited to ballpark fare, consisting of fries, corn dog nuggets, apple slaw, and hot dogs. While such a narrow selection would seem to detract, it is perfect for a small outpost dedicated to all things baseball. The real choices come from the selection of toppings at the toppings bar, which includes sauerkraut and spicy relish among its many offerings.Scattered throughout the establishment are references to the storied history of baseball. Among the newspaper, how to guides, paintings, and pennants are a plethora of nods to the Mudville 9 and their most notorious player, Casey.Seating is arranged into both indoor and outdoor seating, and both can take guests away from the ordinary in their own unique ways. Inside of Casey’s Corner there are no tables, instead patrons have wooden bleachers arranged for perfect grandstand viewing of classic Mickey cartoons. Exterior seating, in the form of tables this time, offers views of Cinderella Castle and ragtime piano performances scattered throughout the day.All in all, Casey’s is a wonderful, though potentially raucous, corner of Walt Disney World to stop and take a moment to catch your breath or a hot dog. The atmosphere created by the stands, d├ęcor, music, films, and the restaurant’s location all invite guests to slow down and prepare for their next adventure inside of the Magic Kingdom.


Traci said...

one of my favorite quick/counter service meals at all of WDW!

AJ said...

Oh how I LOVE Casey's hot dogs, but the true star is the plastic-y nacho cheese. Sigh. Heaven.

Princess Fee said...

That first picture - the food was purchased purely as a means of research, right?

And there is SUCH a smell when it comes to Casey's - I can't describe it, but it's there. It's a Casey's Smell. :)