14 September 2009

Inalienable rights

Streetmosphere characters in the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are a small part of a guest’s typical Walt Disney World experience, but they also create some of the most memorable moments of any trip. Along similar lines, Liberty Square is one the smallest lands in the Magic Kingdom but holds some of the grandest experiences of any land in the four theme parks. The combination of these two elements would only serve to enhance both aspects of Walt Disney World.

Liberty Square is not totally devoid of Streetmosphere character interactions. At one time, Ben Franklin made his presence known as he made his way through the streets. As well, during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, guests are treated to storytelling and wise-cracking spirits from the Haunted Mansion. While this is indeed a treat for those party-going guests, this is an experience that could be utilized year round in Liberty Square.

One of the snags with typical Streetmosphere interactions is that they do not translate well across the sunset barrier. With grim grinning ghost Streetmosphere characters there are an entire set of characters that would, in theory, only come out at night. The loading pavilion for the former Mike fink’s Keel Boats could be home to some of the wandering spirits to tell their tales, or perhaps for a photo-op for the Hitchhiking Ghosts. During pictures they could mutter to one another about how they can’t be seen, similarly to their shtick from the Haunted Mansion film. Other spirits could move through the land, entertaining guests prior to SpectroMagic. The possibilities are truly endless when you have nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine happy haunts to work with.

During the daylight hours, Ben Franklin could return to his rightful place in Liberty Square, also to be joined by other prominent figures from America’s founding. While Abraham Lincoln would be out of place in a land of his forefathers, General George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Thomas Jefferson would all be well-placed to carry on the values of edutainment.

Well crafted stories have always been the backbone of great Walt Disney World experiences, and both the spooks and specters of the Haunted Mansion and the true-life figures that built our nation have stories aplenty to share. What better way to share their stories than by allowing them to tell them in person as Streetmosphere characters.


Disneyphemera said...

Excellent idea! I'd love to see some Streetmosphere forefathers walking around. What an awesome education experience for youngsters. You could have Paul Revere ride thru the town. Or, from a fictional angle, how about Johnny Tremain or the cast from Sleepy Hollow? Love the idea.

Unknown said...

Ryan - this is a good idea but what about crowd control? Due the unique layout of Liberty Square and the parade traffic I'm sure Imagineering would need to consider how and when this could take place. I'd love to see this idea but have it more along the lines of a meet and greet, and take advantage of some of the hidden nooks and crannies within Liberty Square.