04 September 2009

The talk of the Pride Lands

Timon and Pumbaa’s Wild About Safety Campaign is an effort by Disney and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to increase children’s awareness about safety issues. The program, aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 8, includes several components, including one specifically geared towards the theme parks.Throughout Walt Disney World, at the resorts, restaurants, and theme parks, Timon and Pumbaa offered their advice for a successful trip through over-the-top animations and catchy rules. These guidelines for children assisted parents by removing the burden of what is and isn’t acceptable behavior in the parks and on attractions. A parent could ask, ‘what would Timon and Pumbaa do?’, without backlash for being too strict, at least in the eyes of their children. The ability to use familiar character to reinforce the safety aspects parents are trying to instill in their children allowed everyone to have a hakuna matata trip.

To carry the message with them, children could obtain a set of Wild About Safety cards, a thirteen card set plus a wild card, from Guest Services. On the adult end, parents could pick up a pamphlet that included twelve of the of the safety mantras. Ranging from ‘Keep arms, hooves, tusks and tails inside the vehicle’ to ‘Have fun in the sun, don’t get overdone,’ these tips could keep everyone in the party, excuse me, herd, safe and sound and enjoy their trip even more.

Below is a set of the cards children could collect.


Unknown said...

Fantastic card series!

Gator Chris said...

Fun. I remember when these images first came out.

Thanks for posting the collection!