22 September 2009

Don't block the lens

With any vacation, whether it is across the globe, across the state, or to the happiest place on earth, there are always preparations to be made. And, usually, there is someone offering you advice, whether you asked for it or not. The original complimentary guides to Walt Disney World, provided at the time by GAF, were no exception.

These early guides to the parks, originally provided by GAF and later by Kodak, were much heftier than the current fold out maps that are available and offered a much more broad range of information. Everything from restaurants, resorts, land-by-land maps, and photography tips were available in these 36-page, yet surprisingly small, guides.

While we are going to explore these early guides in more depth in the future, today we’re going to take a look at the 1972 photo taking tips. While cameras have come a long way in the past thirty-seven years, many of the positioning, and photography tips still hold true today. Click on the images to enlarge these pages from the guide, and take a gander at what GAF thought would make the perfect vacation photographs.

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Princess Fee said...

Great photo tips - most of these tips actually still apply too! Great!