30 June 2009

Everything around you

Edutainment is alive and well within Walt Disney World, from the gates of Epcot to the stunt shows of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and even in the wilds of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The greatest part of being educated while in Florida is that while you may, or may not, realize what is taking place, you may never see the sources Disney is presenting you with.Take, for instance, guests staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are art exhibits everywhere, stations devoted to animal care and information, and Cast Members from the other side of the globe. Each of these concepts, in their own way, help create immersive and intricate experiences, perhaps none more so than the international Cast Members. Not only can these Cast Members directing you to Boma or Sanaa they can also enlighten you on the heritage and culture of their people.Often times these Cast Members are equipped with collectible cards that provide a great deal of information about their home country. Each card itself comes with two maps, one featuring their country’s location within Africa and the other a more detailed map of the country itself, an image of the country’s flag, ‘Did you know…?’ factoids, and information on how to assist conservation efforts with your spare change. The single most important piece of this card, however, comes at the very bottom where there is a line for the Cast Member to sign the card for you.This could be seen as toilsome to these Cast Members, but I suspect it actually brings them a great deal of joy knowing that their signature means they have imparted a bit of wisdom to the guest population. For the guests themselves, long after they have returned home, the cards can serve as story pieces as they tell the tale of a country as it was conveyed to them by the Cast Member who signed their card. And so the stories of the people of the world and the value of edutainment continues on and on.

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Princess Fee said...

We used to have cards like that in the UK to hand out - and I used to love handing them out! I thought it was a great momento for the guests, and it also educated them in our country.

I didn't know you could get them at Disney's Animal Kingdom - I may have to keep an eyeout for them!