05 June 2009

An uplifiting and refreshing tea experience

Perhaps because I love tea and I am looking at creating my own tea container garden, or maybe because so often the plants that are used to create teas are not showered with the same love and devotion as a flowering plant like a rose or daffodil are, or it could be as simple as the tea garden in the United Kingdom is one of the most creative and gorgeous gardens of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. No matter the reason, this small corner of the United Kingdom pavilion, filled with tea cup and saucer containers is always at the top of my list of fantastic gardens from the festival.As the festival began winding down and closing up shop last weekend, so too is the Main Street Gazette’s series on some of the spectacular garden displays from this year’s event. Saving my favorite for last, the tea garden is made possible in part by Twinings. Throughout the garden the tea cup planters are filled to the brim and overflowing with plants that used to create specific teas, complete with tea bag labels hanging over the rim of the cups. Small plaques stand alongside each container giving the name of the tea, the plants included in the cup, and information on flavors, production of teas, and uses of each plant.While some of this information maybe extraneous to non-tea drinkers or gardeners who do not wish to cultivate their own teas, the mood created by the setting of the garden and the aromas of the plants in the garden are enough to calm even the most wild of spirits.The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is, far and away, my favorite event housed at Walt Disney World each and every year, and this showcase is my favorite of the festival. Though this year’s event has already begun fading into memory, I cannot wait to see what they have brewing for us next year.

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Princess Fee said...

Unfortunately I have yet to experience this - they didn't introduce the tea cups and saucers until after my tenure there. But I adore tea and think I will pop off to make a cup right now - you've put me in the mood!