22 June 2009

This design is purely conceptual

Like all of the structures found within the borders of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm comes complete with a wonderful collection of details. From nods to history and insider references, to clever wordplay and visual weenies, the comedy hits comes just as fast and furious as Goofy’s crop duster in a nosedive. Indeed, the cornfield that meanders through the queue and attraction takes on multiple meanings in the presence of this comedic genius. While the list of The Barnstormer’s gags could go on and on, perhaps no one piece is more all-encompassing of the spirit of Goofy than the piece designed by Goofy himself, the schematics for the Barnstormer, otherwise known as the Multiflex Octoplane.

The Multiflex Octoplane blueprints themselves can be seen in two locations throughout the queue, once at Goofy’s workstation and the other pinned up in the loading area of the barn. Including in the designs are plans for a braking system, where you put your feet through a hinged hatch in the floor of the plane and use your feet as breaks, spring flexing action, a steering yoke that cannot steer down, and one emergency escape parachute, which has been cut for budgetary reasons. And while the scale for the octoplane maybe unknown, Goofy lists the scale as garshed if I know!, he did at least have the common sense to create a model before plunging ahead with a full scale version.

The propulsion design of the plane, however, has apparently hit a snag that even goofy could not overcome. In the engine design section of the diagram the “pollution free power source” is listed as conceptual and requires the use of “neighborhood chipmunks,” with an illustration showing Dale. The secondary concept of launch is recorded as requiring a very large slingshot. The final model of the Multiflex Octoplane uses neither of these means of motoring, nor does it use Gulp Gas readily available at Pete’s Garage nearby, instead Goofy’s crazy crop duster uses Goofolene.

This is only one of the many gaffs and gags found at The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm, but it is a perfect example of the fun and free life Goofy leads. While this attraction may be meant for the younger set, the comedy of the queue should keep adults coming back time and time again. If for no other reason than how could anyone pass up a view such as this one?

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