13 June 2009

Climbing this mountain

The term ‘Welcome Home’ is thrown around a lot in Disney circles for trips to Walt Disney World. It is the regular greeting of the Disney Vacation Club and enthusiasts, myself included, are likely to tell friends ‘welcome home’ or sigh ‘I’m home’ upon passing under the Walt Disney World welcome arch. This may be a point of contention for my wife, who doesn’t consider anything Disney as ‘home,’ but it is a fact of life that Walt Disney World is the place a lot of guests feel most at home.

What is rare to find, however, is a piece of whatever area of the real world that you call home inside of one of the parks. However at the Kids’ Discovery Club station in Dinoland U.S.A. offers several pieces of North Carolina (as well as other areas of Appalachia). The maps displayed along the walls are all part of the National or State Park Systems. The Appalachian Trail (where my father happens to be hiking this weekend), Chimney Rock, and the Great Smokey Mountains are all in my own backyard, and each map is entirely authentic to maps available inside of the park systems at the little shops found in visitor centers or resorts.

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