23 June 2009

Keep the recyclable material out of the landfill

According to the 2008 Walt Disney World Resort Community Report, the resort recycled more 77,000 tons worth of material. If we look at this figure as a sole product of the Walt Disney World Cast Members, that means that each Cast Member, and there were approximately 62,000 Cast Members employed over the course of the year, recycled approximately 1.24 tons apiece. That is a staggering figure.Obviously, this effort is more than the work of the Cast Members. It comes down to every person, Disney employee or guest, which comes through the gates to take part in Disney’s conservation movement. To this end, over the past year or so, I have seen more and more signs of Disney creating opportunities for guests to take part in the recycling efforts. Recycling stations have popped up not only in the parks, such as the above bottle recycling container located in Future World, but also at the resorts, as seen by this versatile recycling system that can be found at Fort Wilderness.In order to increase guest participation, however, Walt Disney World is going to have to step up the number of these recycling units that are accessible to guests. With a trash can available approximately every thirty feet, most guests are not going to go in search of a recycling bin when a trash can is readily available. By the same token, as Walt Disney World works to increase the ease of which we as guests can find places to recycle, we are also going to have to walk a little further out of our way to find the recycling stations.77,000 tons can be just the beginning as long as we all work together to provided a cleaner, greener, Walt Disney World and world beyond for future generations of Cast Members, guests, and mouse eared enthusiasts.


Scott said...

Nice sentiments in a nice post. I know at the DVC resorts we've stayed at (only AKL and OKW) there was definitely an effort made to have DVC'ers recycle. There were in-room receptacles at AKL to sort recyclables into, and there were recycling bins next to the trash cans outside the rooms at OKW. I think it's a great program, but I also wonder how much of that stuff actually gets recycled. I've read that a lot of recycled materials in my home area ends up going into the landfills anyway.

Princess Fee said...

I am one of those people that love to recycle - especially plastic bottles. If I am out and about, I cannot throw them away - I carry them home in my bag and put them in for recycling. So I am more than happy that when I'm on holiday I can still keep my mind at rest and do little things to make big changes!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see Disney has been stepping up their efforts to encourage guests to recycle around the parks and elsewhere on property, and it works.Every time me and my sis go to the World, we always bring our own 12 bottles of water with us into the parks so we don't have to shell out $2.50 for in-park water.When we're done with the bottles, we always either find the nearest recycling bin, or stash'em in our bookbag until we come across one. Kudos Disney, keep it up!