06 June 2009

There came a sailor

Continuing a look into some of the faux histories of Walt Disney World, today we look at the legend of Stormalong Bay. A part of Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, Stormalong Bay encompasses over three acres and includes areas such as Whirling Waters, Sinking Sands, Guppie Bay, The Flying Jib, and Snorkler Cove. Disney lists the official legend of Stormalong Bay as such, “A sailor named Stormalong ran his ship aground after being caught in a fierce storm, creating what is now Stormalong Bay. Today, the remains of the great vessel contain a water slide encompassed by the ship's mast which extends 45.7 metres into the air.”

For a bit more detail, and a more sea-worthy version of the tale, the map of Stormalong Bay includes the full legend:
Just a Little While Ago,
I Think It Be a Month Or So,

There Came a Sailor, Big As Say
The Tallest Main Mast Seen Today.

His Arms Were Wide As Barrel Hoops
With Octopis Tattoos Wound in Loops.

They Called The Salt Old Stormalong,
He’s Here a Moment, Then He’s Gone.

He Came In On a Great Nor-Easter’,
Sharin’ The Helm With The Ghostly Reaper,

Headin’ For Shore With No Belayin’
Waste They Layed Upon Their Way In,

Topplin’ Buildings, Plowin’ Up Sand,
They Came To Rest On This Here Land.

The Reaper Left. He Had Enough.
Old Stormie Said, “He’s Not So Tough!”

So All The Bays And Pools You See,
Were Made By Him; Were Dug By He.

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bigbrian-nc.com said...

I don't know why I never shared this here but when I saw this post (I'm guessing a few years ago) I had to sing this, and when I did that, I recorded it, I just rediscovered my recording and put it up on my libsyn blog with a link back to this page so folks can see where I got the lyrics from so if you go to http://bbdp.libsyn.com/stormalong-bay-song-mp3 look for the Direct download: stormalong_bay_song.mp3 and you can listen to it.