27 June 2009

Time to grow

Today marks the final day of shows for Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration. In fact, information about the show has already been removed from Walt Disney World’s website as they begin to retool and rework what will be seen and how it will be presented.

In honor of this short-lived show, I thought today we would examine a piece of costume concept art. This is for Gizmo, one of the two robots sent by Stitch from Robo-Mart. Robo-Mart is a division of X-S Tech, the same corporation that brought Tomorrowland the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, which was, ironically, replaced by Stitch’s Great Escape! Though today may mark the last appearance of Tip Trendo, the Galactic Girls, Gadget, and Gizmo, I hope that whatever arrives from tomorrow to take their place still keeps those pieces of Tomorrowland history and the spirit of fun that this show attempted to create.

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