11 June 2009

Visit our refreshment center

Sometimes it is nice to get away from the big city for just a few moments. Luckily, no matter what street you are on in the Streets of America, the Writer’s Stop is always just around the corner. Where the Streets of America meet Commissary Lane is a quiet corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios where guests can take a break, peruse the latest and greatest Disney books and media, and grab a snack. It is known as the Writer’s Stop.

The Writer’s Stop offers what is, conceivably, the richest snack, with the most bang for your buck, anywhere on property. The carrot cake cookie, which is too large for most people to eat on their own, is cream cheese frosting sandwiched between 2 oversized carrot cake cookies (think of a layer of cake or top of a muffin consistency). This one treat is in addition to an assortment of hot and cold beverages and other baked goods and sweets.

The shop does not offer much in the way of seating, there is a small table with barstools near the rear of the store, a counter with a windowside view of the park, and several antique chairs and couches scattered throughout the store. Lack of seating is never a problem for the Writer’s Stop, as the few guests who do wander in do not tend to linger.

The relaxed atmosphere of this bookstore/coffeehouse/lighting storeroom is a perfect place to grab a drink, a snack, and a book and relax for a few moments. If you don’t wish to look at a book, enjoy the air-conditioning while plotting out your next move in your park guide. The Cast Members here are always friendly, and seem to enjoy having guests in the store, even if you are only taking a minute to reboot before attacking the park again.


Tim W. said...

The Writer’s Stop is such a great secret at DHS!

I visited the store on my last trip to the Studios and commented to the Cast Members that they have a great job there: they get to interact with guests, sell merchandise & food and enjoy a quiet, air conditioned location. What more can you ask for!

Princess Fee said...

The Writer's Stop is my favourite place in all of DHS - I hope now that you've written about it, it doesn't get any busier... ;)

But seriously, it's my must visit every time I go to the Studios - I love to go in and browse around the kitchenware and the books...a beautiful store!

Disney's Folly said...

I was once caught in a typical Disney downpour and we sought shelter in The Writer's Stop. While it's already cozy to begin with, i doubt it was as packed as some of the other shops. As a book fiend and a writer myself...it was a fun place to be "stuck in" while we waited for the weather to sort itself out!

Scott said...

This little nook is one of our favorite places in the World, and we always stop two or three times a trip to get some refreshments, something sweet and some tea or cocoa, and browse the books and merchandise while the kids watch the old Disney cartoons playing on the TV. Oddly enough, I've never bought a book here - we usually visit it so early in the day that I don't want to carry the volume around all day. (I usually end up getting my books at a store near the exit of Epcot as we're leaving...)