24 June 2009

Where did I come from?

Pictured above is the young man who would one day go on to helm the Main Street Gazette. To be totally honest, when I look at that picture, I see everything that I wanted the Gazette to be and everything I would have to put on the line in order for it to succeed. I wanted to share pieces of Walt Disney World history, such as the container of popcorn that is no longer in use. I wanted to find ways to share the magic of the parks, such as little used attractions like the Liberty Square Riverboat, with everyone. I knew that I was going to have to step outside of my comfort zone, stop being an introvert, and be the sole voice and responsible party for the Gazette. And I knew that I was going to have to do some goofy things from time to time, whether it is sitting on a railing like you are warned not to, take part in a community game (like The Disney Feud or Survivor: Passamaquoddy), or publish old pictures of myself.

The great part about sharing old photographs is that they aren’t always just about me, sometimes I’m the most sane person in a photograph. My cousins, sister, mother, father, uncle, nanie, and whoever else happens to be in these photographs are considered casualties today. Although, it’s always fun looking back.

The young boy opposite me in the next few photographs doesn’t seem to be someone that anyone in my family can recognize. It looks like we had a pretty good time either way.

This last picture just goes to show, you don’t get to pick your family, but sometimes you end up with just the right group anyway.


Disneyphemera said...

Fantastic pictures Ryan. Thanks for sharing them.

Princess Fee said...

Love the pictures!! It's always great to get a little 'insight' to Blog Editors' early days at Disney!

Anonymous said...

Some of us are just lucky and have a great family! Like your pictures!

Tony Caggiano said...

Keep these coming!!!
THIS is what I love most about your blog...taking me back to the old school...places I HAVE been, miss and want to see more of!
Great work...
Looking forward to more!