01 July 2009

The next best thing to being there

With the current revival of quality books coming out about Walt Disney World, including pictorials, art books, and histories, it is often easy to overlook the unique offerings from the early years of the Walt Disney World Vacation Kingdom. One such book, A Fun-Filled Visit to Walt Disney World with Mickey Mouse, was created just for children and released in 1972.From Hallmark Children’s Editions this book, written by Dean Walley, sought to capture all the elements of a trip to Walt Disney World, more specifically the Magic Kingdom, and pass them on to children who may have recently visited, are preparing to visit, or who may only be able to dream of Walt Disney World. Unlike most picture stories, however, A Fun-Filled Visit to Walt Disney World featured lift panels, spinning pictures, pull tabs, and pop-up images that, when coupled with the narrative, captured imaginations and gave a true feeling of what it could be like to experience a variety of attractions.Among the attractions given their own displays within the book are the monorail, Submarine Voyage, Country Bear Jamboree, it’s a small world, Mad Tea Party, Jungle Cruise, Mickey Mouse Revue, Swiss Family Treehouse, Haunted Mansion, and Cinderella Castle.It is these types of books, specifically targeted and created with young children in mind, that I love to see, but find less and less of within Walt Disney World. Unique offerings, such as A Fun-Filled Visit to Walt Disney World with Mickey Mouse, are the standard by which children’s vacation souvenirs should be graded. This book is truly a way to continue the magic, and bring it home with you, long after the fireworks have faded from the sky and the gates have been closed for the evening.

On a personal note, this is the type of book I would love to work with Disney to create, not just for the Magic Kingdom, but for all of the parks as they fill a variety of needs and uses for families and children.


AJ said...

I've seen some great posts about Disney-related books lately. My question: won't this just make kids want to return to Disney World even sooner? It's the same effect my annual pass has on me!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

It probably would make them want to return quicker, however, just like an annual pass, is that really a bad thing?

La Shonda said...

I LOVED this book as a kid! I wish I still had it. My only regret is that you did include more photos. Wasn't there one of the Haunted Mansion that lifted up?