08 June 2009

An outstanding public rose garden

This week I had the always enlightening pleasure of sitting down with Lou Mongello of the WDW Radio Show to discuss more of the obscure legend and lore of Walt Disney World. This time we tackled the Plaza Swan Boats of the Magic Kingdom. As always, my recommendation is to listen to the WDW Radio Show this, and every week (even when I am not chatting away)!

The once home of the Plaza Swan Boats is now the residence of the Plaza Rose Garden. The Gazette has discussed the intricacies of the rose garden and its status as a public garden previously in this article. Today, I thought we would venture further down the path and stop to smell some of the gorgeous roses on display within the garden.

If anyone would like the names of the roses presented below, for your own garden or just out of curiosity, please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.


Princess Fee said...

I love these pictures - the roses are beautiful. Some of the most beautiful floral displays can be found in the Walt Disney World Parks (especially during non-Flower and Garden events!). I can't wait to listen to the discussion on the podcast!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful! I'll admit that I've never walked through the rose garden (in my haste to get to the TTA!) I must remind myself to stop and smell the roses on my next trip. Just another wonderful example of the care that Disney puts into the parks!

will said...

wouldnt mind having the names