17 June 2009

Anandapur Rail Services

At the time Expedition Everest began steaming down the tracks, the press were given not one, but eight separate press releases and twenty-five photographs (both in handout form and on a CD) in a resilient and beautifully designed folder. While the information and images provided were enough to whet any guest’s appetite, the true find for Walt Disney World enthusiasts was imbedded in the folder itself.

Along the two panels of the folder’s interior, after all the materials had been removed, is an old chart of the Himalayas. Aside from including the names of peaks (including Mount Everest), elevations, topography, trails, borders, and some rich features (a cloud showcasing the winds and the roll of the scroll), it also includes the comprehensive route of the Anandapur Rail Services (ARS). The ARS was originally used by the Royal Anandapur Tea Company to shuttle tea leaves, but has now been refurbished for Himalayan Escapes – Tours & Expeditions.

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Eric Hoffman said...

Really great map! I've had a life long fascination with maps. Now I can add Disney-related maps to the obsession