14 March 2009

We are doing it

When Dick Nunis wanted to inspire the men and women constructing Walt Disney World, he allowed the workers to bring their families in to see what Walt Disney World would be. Projects would see the crews’ best efforts, as they would want to showcase for their families what they had built.

With EPCOT Center, Nunis used this same motivation to see that pavilions and attractions were completed in timely manners. As October 1, 1982 approached Saturdays began to see the workers’ families flocking to see what the future held for all of us. Then on Labor Day, less than one month away from opening, EPCOT Center held the official Labor Day Construction Family Preview. The full experience of what EPCOT Center would be could be realized during this trip, as families were even required to park in the Guest Lot. Presented below are the tickets and instructions the construction families of the future used for the event.

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Princess Fee said...

Wow - that's amazing! I have never seen that before - what a great piece of memorabilia!