21 March 2009

From the Elf Lodge

As some of you may have heard, or some of you may know from experience, I am horrible when it comes to Christmas cards. Every year I pick up a box or two, followed by another box or two during after holiday sales, and every year those cards ended up as scrap for my preschoolers to draw on, stuffed into a box in the attic, or in the trash. This year, however, I plan are starting earlier than ever in an attempt to curb my inability to send greetings out in a timely manner.

For this year, I thought I would find a Christmas scene for my holiday card. Sure, you can take a picture a year out during the winter holidays in any number of festive spots in and around Walt Disney World, but your family can change dramatically in just one year. Throughout the year there are a number of spots where you can find a holiday photograph spot, It’s a Wonderful Shop near Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the character snowmen at Downtown Disney: Marketplace, but the largest collection of year-round holiday d├ęcor comes from Winter-Summerland Miniature Golf.

While there are statues of Santa in his candy cane striped swimsuit, melting snowmen, wintery rhymes aplenty, perhaps the best composed shot for a Christmas card here is the sled near the entrance. With a bench for you and yours, Christmas is, literally, just around the corner. Just in case you’re planning ahead like me.Here are a few other photographs from Winter Summerland, including a few of Santa’s own holiday cards.

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