31 March 2009

Editing and Catering

For most of us out there, it may not be our day job that brings us the most joy in our lives. Aside from our friends and families, sometimes it is our side projects and non-paying (or paying very little) jobs that keep us going. Just like all of us, many of the Muppets have side ventures that keep them busy when they are not preparing for their next showing of MuppetVision 3-D, television special, or Hollywood blockbuster. Two of these entrepreneurs are Rizzo the Rat and the Swedish Chef.Rizzo is never short on schemes. When it comes to film production Rizzo, and his sneaky brethren, are able to get just about any prop your production needs…. umm, for a price. As for the Swedish Chef, apparently his day job of running the Yell & Howl Projector for MuppetVision 3-D as rubbed off on him, as he now dishes out food and film finishing in his spare time.

1 comment:

Princess Fee said...

Hmmmm... would I eat at Swedish Chef's place... Probably! Those Scandanavians are pretty good!