27 March 2009

Young Adventurers - Jedi Training Academy & Star Tours

Padawan, your journey will be filled with dangers you cannot imagine and distant stars you have longed to see. You must focus and control your emotions if you are to become a true Jedi Knight.

As a student attending the Jedi Training Academy, in the shadows of and Ewok village, you will learn the ways of the Force. After you have donned your robes and given your training lightsaber, a civilized weapon, your training will begin. Be mindful of your Jedi Master, for he will guide you down the path of good as your skills with your lightsaber grow strong. Even now, I foresee a disturbance in the Force, a Dark Lord of the Sith will challenge your abilities and offer you the easy path of the Dark Side. Mind what your master has taught you, save you it can, and you will be a stronger padawan for the experience.

After training alongside the Jedi, it is time for your first mission. Board your Starspeeder 3000, piloted by RX-24 (or Rex), as he and R2-D2 set a course for the forest moon of Endor. It may be your first mission, but it is also Rex’s first flight as Captain, and you may find that you have a bad feeling about this, but be brave. He may make some wrong turns, including exiting lightspeed moments too late and overshooting Endor, sending your starspeeder straight in the heart of an icy comet storm, or a trip through the Maintenance Bay, or entering into a dogfight against the Galactic Empire and its Death Star, but rest assured that with your Force abilities protecting both ship and crew Rex, Artoo, and all of your fellow travels will arrive back on solid ground.

May the Force be with you.

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