27 March 2009

Riverboat landing

As has been mentioned from time to time, one of my favorite corners in all of Walt Disney World resides in the bend in the Rivers of America in Frontierland, just outside of the boundary to Liberty Square. In the evening, after the Liberty Belle has made her last journey of the day, you can view the lights flickering on her deck, with the eerie sounds and glows coming from the Haunted Masion beyond or you can look down river to the dimly lit activities of Frontierland’s Chick-A-Pin Hill and Big Thunder Mountain.

Today I thought we would look from the River up towards Liberty Square in the late evening hours. I hope these desktops bring a little bit of Disney to your evenings, wherever they may be.






PTA Transit Authority said...

Incredible pictures. Beautiful!

Princess Fee said...

Beautiful pictures - thank you!