25 March 2009

The stars we find along the way

Every so often a new site/blog/podcast crops up that deserves recognition. As I find these gems I add them to the links via the Resources and move along, hopeful that someone, somewhere, will pick up on the treasures being offered and explore these sites. It is rare, however, to have several worthy nuggets come along all in one swoop, but that is what I stumbled upon this week. With such an influx of new material, or new to me material, I thought it best to let every know what is new to the Disney online community.
J. Jeff Kober, we’ve talked about his work on the Gazette before, has just launched a new blog called, Disney at Work. It will focus on some of the best practices of business that Disney has created and many have sought to emulate.

Chuck Lionburger has been a dedicate follower and purveyor of Walt Disney World knowledge for some time now. I’ll admit I have arrived rather late to the party when it comes to his site, DisneyDaddy, but it is definitely required reading. I recently had the chance to speak with Chuck during a segment for the WDW Radio Show, and look forward to further conversations, both on and off the air.

Cody Smith has come up perhaps the most intriguing, if not the most specific, idea for a blog that I have seen in quite some time. Global Disney Pinvestigation studies pins that are tied to specific attractions along with attraction and pin histories.

Joe Black (Yes, that is his real name, and no, I don’t believe he knows Brad Pitt or Anthony Hopkins) has a true heart and mind for Disney, specifically Walt Disney World, and it shines through in his site, Disney by Joe. Something to keep an eye on, Joe plans on doing a series of articles on the history of Disney’s America.

I hope each of you will take some time to discover the joys each of these blogs has to offer.

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Believes in Fairies said...

Thanks for that info! I have been following DisneyDaddy for a bit, as that is how I also found your blog. Looking forward to checking out Disney at Work. And Joe... LOL.. been following since day one!

Thanks for all the great info you provide!