26 March 2009

Let me treat you all

Sweets are something that Disney does very very well. Whether it is the Confectionary on Main Street U.S.A. or Goofy’s Candy Co., there is a scent or treat that makes everyone’s mouth water within the Walt Disney World Property.For late night sweet treats though, there is no depot more delicious that Disney’s Candy Cauldron.

Situated along the main thoroughfare of Downtown Disney: West Side, Disney’s Candy Cauldron offers something for everyone, even before they gander at the sweet stuff. Upon entering the shop, guests are transported to the Queen’s, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, dungeon. If that were not enough to turn even the most hardened child’s eyes wide, the Cast Members who staff the store will engage customers in Old English conversations, using phrases like villagers (guests), pebbles (cents), and stones (dollars). For those seeking a more informed candy choice, Disney’s Candy Cauldron, like the Magic Kingdom’s Confectionary, offers guests a chance to watch the masters at work.What, precisely, is it that you can view them creating? Everything from fudge, to dipped fruits, and covered apples and pretzels can be found on the other side of the window. Each and every item is delicious in its own right, and deserves undivided attention, including those treats like that come prepackaged. My recommendation: a candy-covered apple, a beverage of your choice, and a bench along the shore of Lake Buena Vista when all the lights are just beginning to flicker on.

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Bartsy said...

We'll definately be hitting this "sweet spot" on our trip this August!!