31 March 2009


This seal can be found along the backside of the sets found inside of Studio 1, the shop that focuses on all things Muppet. Though not as funny as one might expect from a store dealing with Muppet memorabilia, this emblem does have a clear history with Walt Disney World.

The central lettering, WDI, is obviously the initials of Walt Disney Imagineering, the “creative resource for the entire Walt Disney Company.” The external lettering, however, poses more of a problem for the average guest/geek. BVCC, as it turns out, is the initials of the Buena Vista Construction Company. The Buena Vista Construction Company, as it turns out, provided the General Contractor work for the construction of Walt Disney World.

BVCC can be seen elsewhere in the parks, including the high honor of being memorialized in a window along Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom. This particular window lists Bill Irwin, Larry Reiser, Pete Markham, Francis Stanek, and Dan Dingman in various fictitious roles in the company. Each and every one of these men were, in fact, executives of the Buena Vista Construction Company.

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Princess Fee said...

Very cool - I think I have seen that before inside Studio 1 but never paid attention to it. Thank you for pointing it out to me!