20 March 2009

His pedaling piano

Mark Anderson may not be a name you are familiar with, but picture this: You are strolling along The Boardwalk as the sun is setting. There is a small smile creeping across your face as you admire the reflections on the water and the breeze skimming across it, while in the distance you can hear the melodic sounds of a ragtime piano. This is a very good evening to be in Walt Disney World, but where does Mark Anderson fit into this scenario?

As it would turn out, that distant piano will get closer and closer to you, and soon not only will you hear the music but the voice as well. That voice belongs to Mark Anderson, better known as Musicále Mark, who pedals and performs along The Boardwalk five nights a week from 6:00pm until 10:0pm. Mark has a storied musical past that begins at the age of four and continues until he found his niche playing a pedaling piano Tokyo, Japan. According to The Legend of the Pedaling Piano, Mark is the great great great great nephew of Marcelloni Andressonna, an 18th century acrobat and the first pedaling pianist. Oh, and Mark has also taken a trip through the town of Celebration with star of screen and stage, Kermit.

Singing and playing the piano can be difficult enough, but the addition of creating locomotion at the same time would seem impossible, if it weren’t for Musicále Mark improbable combination of skill, talent, and showmanship. Mark knows how to entertain a crowd with songs from yesterday and yesteryear, songs we all know by heart, but may not have heard in years. He is an often overlooked treasure of not only Walt Disney World, but also the music world, and should be sought out during your next trip to Walt Disney World.

If your next trip is several months, or years, away and you wish to bring home that Boardwalk ragtime feel, Musicále Mark also has an album available. Mark, his pedaling piano, and Anthony the Banjo Man masterfully perform such traditional tunes as: Yes Sir, That’s My Baby, Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, Dueling Banjos, and Mr. Sandman, while including a few Disney standards like Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and You’ve Got a Friend In Me. Songs From the Boardwalk is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

To learn more about The Legend of the Pedaling Piano, Musicále Mark, and the music from the bicycle piano, be sure to check out Mark’s website: Musicále Mark. Better yet, watch and listen for him as he makes his way down The Boardwalk.

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Bartsy said...

Never knew about him!! Going to Disney World in August and on our arrival day we'll be heading to the Boardwalk for a bit in the evening. Will definately be looking for him. Thanks!!