05 March 2009

Above and Beyond

Here at the Main Street Gazette, I feel like you the readers are as much a part of my day, as I am to yours. From the comments you post on the articles offering your own unique insights, to the emails that you send me that allow us to have a more personal interaction, you have all become a special part of my day. These interactions are probably not dissimilar to the exchanges we share with Cast Members at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or on the Disney Cruise Lines while on visiting the Earth’s most magical places.

Disney itself has a reputation for instilling, and rightfully so, a sense of ownership in their Cast Members. A sense that I have read or heard about time and time again, that tells Cast Members that they are the ones who create the magical moments for guests. These moments of excellence have been captured in books like The Magic Begins with Me. On a lesser scale, but a no less meaningful one, Cast Members have always been recognized for their dedication to the moment in their internal publication, Eyes and Ears.

I think it is the Main Street Gazette’s duty, as a window onto Walt Disney World and as a crossroad between guests’ and their stories, that we also take time away from the tiles in a bathroom, the lyrics in a song, and lanterns in the trees, and really appreciate the people that make these trips something worth remembering. Starting today, I would like to begin a series publishing your stories that showcase the magical moments Cast Members have created for you. In one incarnation of the Eyes and Ears, this section was entitled, Above and Beyond, and I think that sounds about right, don’t you?

Should you have a story now or gather one on a future visit that you would like to share with the rest of the Main Street Gazette’s readers, you are always welcome to email me your tale at mainstreetgazette@gmail.com. I look forward to see what magic has been created for you!

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