23 March 2009

Hotel guests only

It has often been said that there are no coincidences in Walt Disney World or, for that matter, any of the Disney properties. Discarded items, names, dates, numbers, everything has a rhyme or a reason. On the other side of that coin, it has also been said, although to not as extensive of a degree, that, “sometimes a suitcase is just a suitcase.”

In the case of the Hotel Burudika, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s African village of Harambe, a name is simply not a name. Burudika is, like many of the phrases and names found in Harambe, Swahili. However, as is often the case in translating from one language to another, burudika does not have a one to one correspondence to a word in English. Instead, burudika translates into a number of activities, such as be relieved, be soothed, relax, be refreshed, be pacified, be entertained, be cooled, be comforted, or be appeased. Whichever meaning you walk away with, one thing is for sure, your time spent at Harambe’s Hotel Burudika will more than likely leave you in a better state than the one you enter the hotel in.


Bartsy said...

I just love the theming in Animal Kingdom. Top notch for sure!!

Princess Fee said...

Thank you for constantly educating me, Ryan! And this post highlights one of the thousands of items of theming that make Animal Kingdom more than just a half-day park!