10 March 2009

What D23 means to you...

This afternoon, I had the unrivaled pleasure of sitting in on a conference call between Marty Sklar (Executive Vice President and Walt Disney Imagineering Ambassador), Dave Smith (Walt Disney Archives’ Chief Archivist), and Steven Clark (Executive Editor of Twenty-Three and Head of D23). While I know plenty of fellow enthusiasts were going to be live-blogging for the event, I thought I would share a different perspective, mine.

As the conference was carried out, I made notes about what was being said and how I felt about it. I hope this offers each of you some insight, not only into the thought processes and histories of Disney, but also into my personal thought processes. Enjoy!


The anticipation of waiting to listen to these living Disney Legends is nerve-wrecking. And the hold music is fuzzy.

Steven Clark

How can I watch the View tomorrow?

More to come,… What was announced today is not the end of the D23 experience, more information will be made available through the website.

Site = no cost The website will have some amazing content available everyday to everyone, this is a foothold for each and every member of the community who wants to be a part of D23.

No advertising in Twenty Three That means the content is coming first with this project.

Barnes and Noble is the only outlet aside from Disney authorized venues (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyshopping.com, and The Disney Store) that will sell Twenty Three

Expo couldn’t be held inside of Disneyland Wouldn’t that have been amazing, clearly they are expecting massive crowds for this.

FASHION SHOW &WEDDING AT THE EXPO?!?! Who could I get to pay for me to go to Disneyland in early September?

Marty Sklar

Stories he could tell What I wouldn’t give to sit at his feet and listen to his stories.

Dave Smith

Fandom history and purposes: Mickey Mouse Club –get kids into theaters, MMC – everyone who watches was a part of the club, Magic Kingdom Club – focused solely on the parks, and the Collectors Society – merchandise heavy.
D23 will be a full-fledged community, pulling from every corner of the Company.


D23 is “Not one size fit all,” Steven Clark. Website will bring entire community together, members and nonmembers.
Membership item from Walt Disney Archives Collection: “Biased,… fantastic piece. Not pin.”

Room for everyone.

Expo will be in Anaheim for 4 years. After that a rotation is possible with Walt Disney World. Long-term, Expo may travel internationally.

D23 Staff is small
Twenty Three will bring in experts in their fields to write articles.

Possible special offers between subcommunities (like the Movie Rewards program or annual passholders)

“Not to sell merch… Involve with our fans…,” Dave Smith.


lorilovestigger said...

See, I told you you should go to DL for the 1/2 marathon and then you could stay for the Expo!! Which is better now? Expo or Adventurer's Club event?

M.Sedlar said...

I wish I could be more excited about this. I think most of the people involved have good intentions, but the price is ridiculous.

That said, I plan on picking up a copy of the magazine and Barnes & Noble.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

The price points are steep, that much I can agree on. For my money though, I knew I was going to pick up the publication. So, at 16 dollars an issues for four issues, it basically covers the membership fee (64 as opposed to the 75). For 11 dollars, I'm willing to see what the piece is from the Walt Disney Archives Collection, and gamble on what the other incentives that will come around later on will be.