16 July 2008

Young Adventurers - Dinosaur

You have been invited as part of a select group of explorers to take part in a new expedition, which is being sponsored by the Dino Institute. Make your way through the dry and dusty exhibits and dry bones of the museum to your Briefing Room. Here you meet Dr. Grant Seeker, whose love of dinosaurs knows no bounds, and Dr. Helen Marsh, whose corporate responsibility knows no bounds. Dr. Seeker wants you to help him search out, and bring back, an Iguanodon that he tagged on a previous trip. He looks in the coordinates on your Time Rover and off you head into the Cretaceous Period, a grin permanently plastered to your face. Along the way you encounter Styracosaurus, Compsognathus, Alioramus, Hadrosaurs, and Sauropods, all while trying to avoid the meteorites that ended the time of the dinosaurs and could very well end you as well. Between the meteorites, your Time Rover’s loss of traction, and the continual encounters with a Carnotaurus you, along with Dr. Seeker feel it is best abandon the mission, even with the Iguanodon on the horizon. Back in the present day though, guess who made it home with you?

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Not.The.Actress said...

This made me desperately want to escape to that magical place. I promise myself I'll go there someday. Wonderful photographs!