04 July 2008

It's really wise to exercise

I ran in my first 5k this morning. Let me rephrase that, I ran in my first 5k in about nine years this morning. The 15th Annual Firecracker 5k in Weaverville was the first race on my schedule in preparation for the 2009 Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

This morning was, if anything, an exercise in shaming myself into starting to take this seriously. I now know that I am not sixteen any longer, and I cannot just peal myself up off of the couch and run a race, of any length, without training. Coincidentally, with all of the changes at my office, the late hours, the time I have dedicated to writing, and a million other reasons I have given for lack of time to run, I ran exactly once a few weeks ago in training for this event. Then I recorded a time of 35:02 for the 5k this morning, ten minutes longer than most times I had in high school and college.

Looks like this is where the rubber hits the road friends. I’ll see you at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, in better shape than I was this morning. Hopefully.


Jeff W said...

Congrats on the 5K

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information on exercise. It's a great thing that you did the 5k!

We recently wrote an article on exercise at Brain Blogger. Recently Princess Anne stated that the Olympic Games being held in London is "a great opportunity to promote physical activity and to create a culture of activity among young people." But, really, will the Olympics have that great enough of an effect to get people out and exercising? What could have that kind of effect?

We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


DD said...

Hey great job on the 5K. I ran two Tri's last year and have totally flaked on the Tris this year, but you're right life gets in the way. :) hooray for a wake-up call. :)

Princess Fee said...

Congratulations! That is a fantastic time, in my opinion, for a 5k! Any little exercise helps - well, that's my motto! Way to go :)

Craig Wheeler said...

Great job just getting out and running it. I didn't realize you were doing the Half. Hopefully we'll see you there.