16 July 2008

The enchanted neighbourhood

A while back we examined the crates of Pooh’s Playful Spot, an area often overlooked. Today, walking a little deeper into the Hundred Acre Woods we will take a look at some of the signage of Pooh’s Playful Spot.

Starting off, and to help us gain our bearings, is a selection of signs whose only function is to let us know who lives in this area. It should be noted that spelling and grammar have never been the strong suit of those who reside within the Hundred Acre Woods. Yet, like Piglet and TRESSPASSERS W, short for Tresspassers William (Piglet’s Grandfather), spelling mistakes should be taken with a grain of salt and a hearty dose of hunny.

Speaking of hunny, these next couple of signs give us more of a sense of the geography within the Hundred Acre Woods. Not to mention, they offer some excellent advice!

The final set of signs truly immerses guests in the story of the Hundred Acre Woods. These signs tell us about a few more inhabitants and their personalities, quirks, and habits.

1 comment:

Princess Fee said...

What a brilliant post - such an interesting area. And you're right, far too often overlooked!
I know when I go back in September I'm going to have a really good look around! Thanks for pointing out some things that, in the past, I've missed.