13 July 2008

Great moments at the movies

In front of the Great Movie Ride’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre replica are a couple of showcase windows, complete with memorabilia. In one rests material relating to the World Premiere of Mary Poppins, while in the other the display similar items from the World Premiere of The Jungle Book reside. Both of these films, coincidentally, had their premieres at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

The images below, after they are clicked on, appear in the original size I captured them, 3264 x 2448, so that you may see all the fantastic details of the tickets, passes, and invitations. The most amusing piece between the two, for me, is that the World Premiere of Mary Poppins, which included a viewing of The Cal-Arts Story, was a black tie affair, while The Jungle Book was simply informal. Take your time to look these photographs over, and the next time you are in Disney’s Hollywood Studios stop by and soak up a little piece of Hollywood.

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Andy said...

I love the old memorabilia at the theatre - so often overlooked in the windows but certainly worth the time. Nice photos!