29 July 2008

In quiet villages

Growing up, I spent a good deal of time at my Nanie’s (grandmother) house. In fact, it is safe to say that I may have spent more time there than I did in my own house. I would spend many a weekend there mowing her yard, watching her old television set, messing around on an old stationary bike, marveling at all of the cool antique knick-knacks she had spread throughout the house, and sitting in her kitchen while she cooked up something extraordinary. As I grew older and moved away, I began to miss those afternoons and weekends, like an invisible piece of twine tugging at my heart.
I should explain that my Nanie was born and raised in southern France, which means that everything from her accent to her cooking to her bric-a-brac were authentically French. This, for the most part, explains my blatant love of World Showcase’s France Pavilion. The spot where I feel most connected to my Nanie is inside the Boulangerie Patisserie where classic Provencal cookware adorns the shelves alongside artwork embellished cutting boards, just like her kitchen always had. These authentic pieces, which could be found in any French kitchen, complete the experience that you are, in fact, wandering through a home in France.

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Princess Fee said...

Wow - what a lovely post! I will have to have a closer look in the France Pavilion for these little knick-knacks next time I'm there.