30 July 2008

This gonna' take some time

I know this will be covered in much more detail than I am capable of elsewhere, but the first trailer for the Princess and the Frog was released today. My household, meaning my wife and I, are divided on it, mostly due to the fact that my wife finds the stereotypes purported in the firefly character beneath Disney. My thoughts are that it is nice to see the first trailer, complete with some whimsical romantic humor between the Princess and the Frog, and I am, as always, optimistic about the film.

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Anonymous said...

The brief moment with the firefly certainly did seem to purport disquieting stereotypes! I'm gonna need a whole lot more context before being able to come to any real conclusions though. Let's hope that the firefly is just one goofy, backwater-style clown presented in the midst of a variety of diverse characters.