26 July 2008

Strange and frightening sounds echo

Scattered along the Rivers of America are buoyant markers that inform you of your current location on the river. Sometimes straightforward, like Tree Snag Reef, my favorite notice, Howling Dog Bend, alludes to something else just around the last riverbend. As you come out of the wilderness, the lush greenery gives way to sparse and gangly gardens whose upkeep has been, shall we say, ghastly. These rows of unkempt shrubbery are best viewed from the decks of the Liberty Belle.
Between river warnings and rundown gardens it appears that the otherworldly reach of the grim, grinning ghosts has stretched out beyond its manor into the surrounding countryside of Liberty Square.


FoxxFur said...

Funny, isn't it, that those markers still exist to explain the different areas along the river. I have a few old photos which suggest that a bunch of them have since dissapeared thanks to progress, but they are basically holdovers from the very first years of the Riverboat, when there was literally nothing to look at. Here's a list of them all:

Twin Rivers Bend
Raccoon Point
Deer Crossing Shallows
Devil's Elbow
Tree Snag Reef
Crawdad Shoals
Howling Dog Bend

Crawdad Shoals in my favorite, not only for the lack of crawdads or shoals at that point of the river, but because the name is awesome. However, the coolest is probably Deer Crossing Shallows, since a herd of elk is actually on either shore in the process of waiting for the boat to pass before they can continue on.

Unknown said...

Great catches, Ryan...

And really awesome follow-up, Foxx!