11 July 2008

Environmentality: Intrinsic Value - Part IV

Jiminy Cricket has had a long and illustrious career, a career which continues to shine even today. From his earliest beginnings as Pinocchio’s conscience, and then later as the host of Fun& Fancy Free, it was clear that this cricket had forever hopped into a special place in our hearts. Yet, Walt Disney saw an even brighter future for Jiminy, “Jiminy’s going to help us with what we call our factual entertainment. He’ll show the youngsters things about the living world, about health, hygiene, safety, and many other things that concern their well-being.”

His employment in the field of television included stints on the Mickey Mouse Club and Disneyland, right up to, and including, the House of Mouse. True to the word of Walt Disney, Jiminy taught youngsters about themselves and the world they inhabited through the You and Your, I’m No Fool, and Encyclopedia series before moving into larger roles, such as the Ghost of Christmas Past in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. It was these series that Jiminy further polished his reputation as a stand-up…, err, well…, cricket. He was never strict, never cross, but his points were effective because, like all good teachers, he imbued his students with the knowledge they needed to make necessary decisions and he made it fun as well.

Jiminy Cricket’s selfless nature along with his drive to educate and care for all creatures are some of the stirring attributes which eventually garnered him the post of Ambassador of Environmental Awareness, as well as the position of spokescricket of Environmentality. Environmentality states that Jiminy,” serves as our official conscience, reminding each person that individual action is the key to success.”

Still educating and gently reminding us of our duties to this planet and one another after all of these years. That’s something to remember the next time you see that little notice he’s left you in your restroom at your resort.

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The Viewliner Limited said...

Without doubt, still my favorite character of all time. Very nice picture.