26 July 2008

Carpe gag'em

The ACME Gagworks area of Disney-MGM Studios was, to say the least, a gas. Photo ops with cut-out of Roger and Jessica Rabbit cutouts, sight gags galore, the Dipmobile intimidating the Backlot Tour trams, and even a crate or two that came complete with audio effects. However, as time marched ever forward Roger Rabbit and his comrades were seen less in less inside the park, just as they were kept less and less in the minds of the general public. Today very few reminders of the once famous rabbit and company exist. The ton of bricks above resides across from the Studio Catering Co. The two crates below rest on a dock along the Streets of America, serving now as a backdrop to the Power Rangers.

1 comment:

Andy said...

Man, I just vaguely remember all of that. Thanks for bringing it back!