14 September 2007

Your Attention Please

If there is one constant it the world of Disney and transportation it is the Railroad. Rather than spout off a lot of facts and figures to you about the Walt Disney World Railroad (the engine colors, numbers, and names are Red: Walter E. Disney [Number 1], Green: Lilly Belle [Number 2], Yellow: Roger E. Broggie [Number 3], and Blue: Roy O. Disney [Number 4]) I decided to link you to a couple of places where there is more vital clues to the history of the Railroad itself.

The Carolwood Pacific Society is an organization dedicated to the preservation of Walt Disney’s Railroad Legacy. Available here is the fine, not to be missed by Disney historians, book Walt Disney’s Railroad Story by Michael Broggie (Son of the late Roger E. Broggie).

This is a download of a wonderful interview between Lou Mongello and Michael Broggie. Sections of the interview originally appeared on the WDW Radio Podcast.

I want to leave you with two final thoughts about the Railroads before I go. One, I think the most poignant quote from the interview is the description of Walt’s Railroad, “Walt’s gift to the world was his park. And the ribbon around that gift was his railroad.” Secondly, the railroad in Fort Wilderness has long been a love of mine, even though it was gone long before I was born, and I plan on talking about this railroad in the future. Until next time, may you always find joy in hearing the whistle from the platform.

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theDisnerd said...

Hearing that whistle is like returning from a long trip and finally getting to sleep in your own bed...you know you're home :)