15 September 2007

Young Adventurers - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

They say the place is haunted, sitting lonely at the end of Sunset Blvd. Your friends have dared you to go inside, grab some dusty token, and run back to them with proof you were inside. Seems harmless enough, the hotel has been abandoned since forever. Except, there are burn marks, like stripes on the front of the hotel, and every time you walk by you feel as if you are being watched, and sometimes, just sometimes, you swear you hear the sound of far away screams. But you’re no chicken. You find an open door on the side and, as you step inside, feel like you stepped back in time. It looks like people just left everything they were doing and walked away. You wander further and further in, past the tables and luggage, past the front desk where mail is sitting unopened behind it, and you enter the library. A book should do the trick, but as you turn to leave lightning strikes outside and the door slams shut, locking you in. Suddenly the TV clicks on and a man is telling you what happened to this hotel, and who it is who haunts it. While he talks you dash around the room, trying to find a way out. When he has finished talking a secret passageway opens, and since you cannot go back the way you came, going forward seems like a good idea. You enter the boiler room, where equipment sparks and cranks noisily. You come to a maintenance elevator. Now, what had that man on the television said about a maintenance elevator? You get on and, without touching a single button, the elevator springs to life and begins taking you up. Will you come face to face with ghosts and other weird things, or will the elevator doors open to a floor with stairs that you can leave by? Come to think of it, will this elevator hold up after these years and not drop you? It’s probably best to brace yourself for a fall, and for other strange events.

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